Nunn Votes to End Proxy Voting, Increase Accountability, and Address Government Overspending

Washington, DC – Congressman Zach Nunn tonight released this statement after voting to adopt the Rules for the 118th Congress and H.R. 23, the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act:

“While taking our very first vote as Iowans’ voice, I’m proud to have passed legislation to clean up Washington, to make the House more accountable, and to empower the people of Iowa’s 3rd District. After tonight, House members will no longer be able to vote by proxy — a Pelosi-era rule that has allowed members not to show up for work but still get paid by taxpayers.  We then immediately got to work passing a bill to prevent the Biden Administration from hiring 87,000 new IRS agents who would only serve to harass middle-class Americans. 

“Together, these steps will help rein in the tax-and-spend agenda that has driven up inflation and our nation’s debt over the last two years. This is a strong start in our fight for a transparent and accountable government that works for the people.”