Apr 18, 2023 | Press Releases

Representative Zach Nunn’s 100 Days of Bipartisanship in Congress

Des Moines, Iowa — Representative Zach Nunn (IA-03) has served 100 days in Congress working as a voice for every Iowan in all 21 Counties of the Iowa Third District. In addition to opening three community offices (in Des Moines, Creston, and Ottumwa), the majority of Rep. Nunn’s work on behalf of Iowans has received bipartisan support. 

“In order to truly serve every Iowan, I’ve found that being a pragmatic problem solver and working across the aisle on what we have in common is the best way to deliver results,” said Rep. Nunn. “My team and I are here to serve and take Iowans’ priorities to Washington D.C. as we work to move good policy forward in a bipartisan manner, reign in federal bureaucrats that hurt Iowans, and fight for every family in the Iowa Third Congressional District.” 

A few quick stats from Rep. Nunn’s first 100 days:

  • 3 offices opened in Des Moines, Creston and Ottumwa 
  • All 21 counties in the Iowa 3rd District visited 
  • 6 bills introduced and 41 bills cosponsored 
  • 60 bills passed, including 88 percent with bipartisan support 
  • 15 letters sent advocating for Iowa’s priorities 
  • 171 total meetings with constituents, farmers, business owners, and schools. 
  • 310 cases opened to help constituents with 215 already completed. 

A few highlights of Rep. Nunn’s work include:

  • Fighting to clean up Washington, D.C. by:
    • Passing legislation to end “proxy voting” and mandate Members of Congress show up for their jobs 
    • Introducing legislation to require a Balanced Budget 
    • Introducing legislation to triple the lobbying ban for Members 
    • Introducing legislation to repeal automatic pay increases for Members of Congress 
    • Introducing legislation to prohibit stock trading by Members of Congress 
    • Cosponsoring legislation to implement term limits for Members of Congress
  • Helping families by:
    • Securing a leadership role as co-chair of the Congressional Foster Caucus 
    • Introducing legislation to help low- and middle-income families afford adoption 
    • Co-leading legislation to expand parental leave for military Reserve and Guard members 
    • Passing legislation to ensure parents have transparency regarding their children’s schools 
    • Passing legislation to reverse “defund the police” policies 
  • Fighting to support Iowa agriculture and rural communities by:
    • Securing a seat on the Agriculture Committee to help write the Farm Bill 
    • Launching a district-wide listening tour to solicit input on the Farm Bill 
    • Working across the aisle to advocate for expanded rural broadband 
    • Passing legislation to overturn harmful regulation that gives the federal government control of private property 
    • Passing legislation to help rural businesses access capital 
    • Cosponsoring legislation and working across the aisle to advocate for year-round E15 
  • Keeping our country safe by: 
    • Securing appointment to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China 
    • Introducing legislation to combat China’s predatory lending practices 
    • Passing legislation to prevent China from purchasing oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve 
    • Passing legislation to establish a select committee to investigate China 
    • Passing legislation to stop China from buying American farmland 
  • Improving the economy by:
    • Securing a seat on the Financial Services Committee 
    • Passing legislation to unleash American energy independence 
    • Passing legislation to prevent another reckless drawdown of the Strategic Oil Reserve 
    • Passing legislation to require the President to disclose the inflationary impacts of executive orders 
Meeting in Iowa