Sep 16, 2023 | Press Releases

Prevent Youth Suicide Act

Rep. Nunn works with YSS on Suicide Prevention

Even one suicide is too many, and unfortunately, this is a tragic situation that is all too common for children in our state.  In Iowa, more than 1,300 students felt sad or hopeless according to a 2021 study by the CDC. Of those 1,300 students, 1,250 attempted suicide. We can do more to prevent these kinds of tragedies. 

I believe well-trained educators can help foster an environment that reduces the likelihood of suicidal behavior and empowers students to meet their full potential.  That’s why, when I was in the State Legislature, I led an initiative to ensure teachers had the resources they need to support students struggling with mental health. 

In Congress, I’ve introduced the Prevent Youth Suicide Act to ensure all schools provide biennial suicide prevention training for teachers, administrators, and staff that regularly interact with students in grades six through twelve. The training would teach faculty and staff to proactively identify signs of distress and risk factors for suicide.   

I’m on a mission to ensure no child feels helpless, and I believe this bill is a strong step in the right direction! 

Read the bill text here: