Cybersecurity in Agriculture Act

Agriculture is one of the top ten industries targeted by cybercriminals. Recent cyberattacks in Iowa have shut down food processing plants, targeted grain cooperatives during harvest, and put our food supply at risk. They also jeopardize jobs and increase costs for families. 

Just one cyberattack could cripple our food supply. 

That’s why I introduced the bipartisan Cybersecurity in Agriculture Act. This bill will utilize resources at our nation’s leading agriculture educational institutions, like Iowa State University, to help better protect Iowa’s agricultural industry against nefarious actors. 

The Cybersecurity in Agriculture Act will enhance cyberattack readiness, response, and recovery by establishing five Regional Agriculture Cybersecurity Centers. 

Specifically, these regional centers will:  

  • Conduct research on cybersecurity systems 

  • Develop a security operations center for the agriculture sector to analyze cybersecurity threats 

  • Design cybersecurity tools for the agricultural sector 


Read the bill text here: 

FORM: https://nunn.house.gov/SL/cybersecurity-agriculture-act