Protecting American Benefits Act

I will fight relentlessly to protect Medicare, Social Security, pay for our military, and veteran’s benefits. No debate over spending should put our seniors, military, or veterans at risk.   

That’s why I introduced bipartisan legislation to ensure that these critical programs are protected in the event the U.S. does ever hit the debt ceiling deadline before a deal is reached.  

I will not allow these critical benefits and pay to be used as a pawn in a partisan political game.  We cannot allow anything to jeopardize these benefits for Iowa’s retirees, military, and veterans.  

In Iowa alone, my bill would protect benefits for:   

  • 6,500 active duty members of our military receiving $75 Million in pay and benefits   

  • 664,000 Iowans on Medicare   

  • 668,000 Iowans on Social Security   

  • 46,000 Disabled Veterans   

  • 3,700 Surviving Spouses of Disabled Veterans  

Bottom line: as negotiations continue, I will continue to do everything in my power to protect Medicare and Social Security, servicemembers, and veterans.  

Read the bill text here:  

FORM: https://nunn.house.gov/SL/ProtectingAmericanBenefitsAct%E2%80%AF