Mar 25, 2023 | Blog Posts


Ensuring strong public education is important for our kids and future generations. Just like many Iowans in the Third District, I have school-aged children. My wife and I are blessed to have 4 children and 2 foster kids.  

As a parent, I believe all families should have transparency when it comes to the education of our kids. A government or a school board should not have the authority to restrict a parent’s right to know what their child is learning.  

That’s why I voted today for a bill that will increase transparency in public schools by:  

  • Making sure parents know what their kids are being taught with public curriculum information, public revisions to any learning benchmarks, and public information on reading choices.  

  • Ensuring parents’ voices are heard, including the right to address the school board and requiring 2 parent-teacher conferences per year.  

  • Publicly posting budgets, revenues, and expenses to increase transparency for parents and other taxpayers. 

  • Protecting the privacy of students by ensuring parents know when changes are made to privacy policies and notifying parents if medical exams take place at school.  

These concrete legal protections will ensure parents always have a seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education.