Mar 31, 2023 | Blog Posts

[Week in Review] Lower Energy Costs Act: Returning Energy Independence | March 27 – 31

I am leading the bipartisan effort to ensure our farmers can grow, produce, and operate as they do the critical job of feeding and fueling the world. 

Here are the answers I am working on getting for our farmers:  

  • E-15 Year-Round: Keeping the promise to our farmers and ethanol producers about making E-15 year-round a standard.  

  • Rural Broadband Funding: Fully funding of our rural broadband programs will grow our rural communities, advance technology in our schools, and increase precision agriculture for our farmers.  

  • Reining in Over Regulation from the EPA: Fighting the EPA’s horrendous rule on packaging of rodent control products that mission critical to our farmers for herd health.