Apr 4, 2023 | Blog Posts


As a father of two foster children currently going through the adoption process, I have firsthand experience with the shortcomings of adopting. It’s a long, lengthy process to adopt and many times comes with a lot of costs. Our country’s adoption process needs reform, and I’m passionate about helping other Iowa families adopt. 

That’s why I introduced a new bill to incentivize adoption for families and children in need across America. Learn more by watching below: 

My bill would help low- and middle-income families, as well as retirees on fixed incomes, be able to offset costs associated with adopting by: 

  • Making tax credits permanent and fully refundable for adoption of disadvantaged children; and  

  • Providing much needed financial support to low-income families and retires who wish to adopt. 

Family is everything to Iowans, and I want to make sure that I’m doing everything in my power to help Iowans who are willing to open their home to disadvantaged children.