Apr 5, 2023 | Blog Posts

How important is your healthcare?

Healthcare is deeply personal, and I will always fight to make sure from every corner of our district, healthcare and access to it, is strong.  

This is why I hosted a round table to ensure we are up lighting voices in every part of our healthcare system and pushing good policy forward.  

Health Care Round Table


Here is what I am prioritizing when it comes to your healthcare:  

  • Always ensuring we have adequate and properly trained healthcare workers in every hospital, urgent care, and general medical office.  

  • Strongly advocating for rural broadband so telehealth is available for every Iowan. 

  • Relentlessly supporting funding Medicare and Social Security for our seniors and all those who come after who have always paid into the system.   

Healthcare and your access to it is something I will never put in jeopardy. Our healthcare workers are our hometown heroes, and I will never stop uplifting your voices as we improve healthcare access across the district.