Apr 7, 2023 | Blog Posts

How important is the farm bill to you?

I am excited to announce we are officially kicking off the farm bill listening tour across the district. I want to ensure every farmer’s voice is heard.  

As a part of the agriculture committee, this listening tour will serve as a critical tool as I carry every story I hear back to DC while we reauthorize the all-important farm bill.  

Farm Bill Listening Tour

Here is why this listening tour matters as we draft the farm bill:  

  • Firsthand stories from farmers will help push a stronger farm bill.   

  • Understanding the mission critical programs and how we can best improve them to serve farmers.  

  • Ensuring our farmers feel they have a seat at the table throughout our process of drafting, amending, and passing the farm bill.  

A strong farm bill will protect the programs families in need depend on while protecting our farmers who produce our food. I know we can successful do both, and our listening tour will ensure we are uplifting every farmer’s voice in our district to make this happen. The farm bill is an excellent opportunity to come together to support farmers who feed and fuel our world.