Apr 18, 2023 | Blog Posts

Can you believe this?

In our first 100 days, we have gotten a lot done for Iowa’s families, businesses, and farmers. Across our 21 counties, it has been an honor uplifting your voice, sharing your experiences, and working bipartisan manner to get things done.  

100 days

Quick stats in the first 100 days:  

  • District offices open in Des Moines, Creston, and Ottumwa ready to serve Iowans.  

  • Visiting all 21 counties in the first 100 days speaking with business owners, farmers, and so many more Iowans.  

  • Introduced 6 bills, cosponsored 41 bills, and sent on 15 letters to ensure we have a federal government working for Iowans.  

  • 60 bills passed out of the House, with 88 percent receiving bipartisan support.  

  • 171 meetings attended across the district, along with meetings hosted within our DC office.  

  • 310 cases open to help Iowans with 215 already completed.  

Highlights of the work on your behalf:  

Cleaning up Washington 

  • Mandate members show up and do their jobs by ending proxy voting. 

  • Introducing two bills to balance the federal budget and end automatic pay raises for members.  

  • Leading on legislation that ends stock trading, implements term limits, and triples the ban on lobbying for every member of congress.  

Helping all Iowa’s Families  

  • Leading by co-chairing the Congressional Foster Caucus.  

  • Protecting our communities by ensuring we are reversing defund the police policies.   

  • Introducing tax reform for families who adopted disadvantaged children, co-leading legislation to expand parental leave for all families in the military, and passing legislation for transparency for parents when it comes to their kid’s schools.  

Supporting our Farmers 

  • Appointment to key agriculture committee to have a firsthand in drafting the farm bill. 

  • Launching a tour across the district to hear firsthand from farmers of what will make a strong farm bill.   

  • Fighting for funding for rural broadband, passing legislation to protect Iowa’s farmers from harmful EPA regulation as well as access to capital for rural businesses, and fiercely advocating for E-15 year-round as a standard.  

Keeping our country safe and secure  

  • Securing appointment to the bipartisan Congressional-Executive Commission on China. 

  • Leading on legislation to end China’s predatory lending practices.  

  • Passing legislation to prevent China from purchase America’s Oil, establishing bipartisan committee on China, and stopping China from buying America’s farmland.   

Making an economy that works for every Iowan   

  • Securing a seat on Financial Services Committee. 

  • Passing legislation to make America energy independence once again, ending the horrific practice of draining our Strategic Oil Reserve by the Biden Administration, and protecting Americans from continued rise in inflation from President Biden’s executive orders.  

We are not slowing down. Our mission of fighting to make DC more like Iowa is just getting started. I cannot do without your help. Every story I hear from every Iowan helps ensure we are passing good legislation, reigning in out of control federal regulation, and making the federal government work on behalf of the American people.