Apr 20, 2023 | Blog Posts

We will protect women’s sports

As a dad of five girls, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect them.  

Women’s sports at every age are something we have to protect. Unfortunately, recent decisions by the Biden Administration have put all women’s sports at every level in jeopardy.  

Women’s Sports are Worth Protecting

Here is what our commonsense legislation will accomplish:  

  • Sex of an individual athlete is based on reproductive biology and genetics at birth.  

  • Clarifies a school receiving federal funding will be in violation of Title IX if they allow a biological male or males to participate against a biological female or females.  

  • Ensures schools still have the ability for males and females to practice or scrimmage against each other continuing a long-standing tradition for many athletic programs.   

Read the full bill here.  

We owe every girl who aspires to compete from high school to elite level, to every level in between, the right to compete fairly. Allowing biological men to compete against biological women will fundamentally end the ability for women to compete fairly and successfully. We simply cannot ignore the differences between biological men and women.  

Our Hawkeye Women’s Basketball team showed just how exciting women’s sports can be when they are allowed to compete fairly. Their phenomenal trip all the way to the NCAA women’s Basketball Championship led to a higher viewership of the championship game over the men’s NCAA Basketball Championship game and a 100 percent increase in new request for season tickets for the women’s team.  

Since the passage of Title IX over 50 years ago, participation, celebration, and admiration of women’s sports has only grown and I will fight to keep it that way.