Apr 25, 2023 | Blog Posts

Protecting Our K-12 Schools Is Mission Critical →

I’m proud to lead on legislation to help improve resources to better protect cyber security at our K-12 schools. Our bipartisan bill has support in both the House and Senate.  

Check out our press conference at Des Moines Public School:  

Key Components of Our Legislation:  

  • Cybersecurity Information Exchange: A line of communication across schools to enhance on best practices and ensure there is adequate information for grant programs for improvement of cyber security.  

  • Cybersecurity Incident Registry: Provides an official registry for schools to put in information on a voluntary basis on trends and financial impacts of cyber-attacks.  

  • K-12 Cybersecurity Technology Improvement Program: Building off existing knowledge and infrastructure to maximize impact of funds given to harden against all types of cyber-attacks at K-12 schools.  

I will fight every day to make sure our schools are protected, and ensure they have every federal resource to be successful.  

The full text of the bill can be read here.