Apr 26, 2023 | Blog Posts



The biofuels industry drives the Iowa economy and is vital to our nation’s energy security.  I want to provide you an update on a major victory we just delivered for this industry and our whole state in the debt ceiling negotiations.   

Throughout these negotiations, I’ve fought back against D.C. insiders on both sides of the aisle to protect critical biofuel tax credits that Iowa’s farmers rely on. We must protect the American economy from default, but you can be damn sure I’m not going to allow Iowa farmers to pay the price for decades of D.C.’s wasteful spending. 

That’s why our Iowa Congressional delegation has stood united for Iowa’s farmers and producers fighting to amend the bill to protect biofuel tax credits. Having successfully amended the bill to protect funding for these tax credits, our delegation will vote for this legislation, which is a starting point to avoid a default and cut wasteful spending.  

Iowa farmers and producers feed and fuel the world, and we will always have their backs. So, as negotiations continue, we have made it crystal clear that we will not support any bill that eliminates any of these critical biofuels tax credits. 

Bottomline: Iowa always comes first, and I will not flinch on that commitment.