Apr 28, 2023 | Blog Posts

What are your thoughts on crypto?

When it comes to digital assets like crypto, I am working to protect Americans’ freedom while also protecting national security. My new bipartisan bill, the Financial Technology Protection Act of 2023, will ensure we are coordinating across federal departments and intelligence agencies to combat digital crimes and end illegal methods of funding terrorism, while maintaining freedom for Americans.  

The Financial Technology Protection Act of 2023 would protect the emerging digital assets space by: 

  • Bringing senior digital asset leaders together from 10 federal agencies to ensure we are maximizing the intelligence gathering needed to combat terrorism and the illegal ways it is funded. 

  • Engaging with the private sector to help combat terrorism and the mechanisms that fund it.  

  • Proposing legislation to combat illicit sources of funding. 

I will fight relentlessly to protect and defend our national security, combat acts of terrorism, and work to cut off terrorist financing. At the same time, I will work to protect the long-term stability of digital assets for Americans.