May 10, 2023 | Blog Posts

Take The Poll: Debt Ceiling Deadline

According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, our nation’s debt ceiling could be hit as soon as June 1st. 

What does that mean? The debt limit is the equivalent of the credit limit on our country’s credit card:  

  • Imagine if your credit card limit was $31,400, and you were about to max out that credit card.  You’d be faced with a choice: reduce your spending and pay down your debt or ask the credit card company to increase your spending limit.  

  • Right now, the Administration is asking the American people to increase their spending limit, except instead of an existing limit of $31,400, their cap is already $31.4 trillion.  

  • Ultimately, the American people will have to pay the bill.   

As your representative in Congress, I want to hear your opinion on this issue.  Before the June 1st deadline, will you please take just 1 minute to answer a quick survey on this issue? 

Debt Limit

As you may have seen, I recently introduced legislation that would protect Social Security and Medicare benefits, active duty military pay and veteran’s disability benefits in the event that the debt limit is not raised before the deadline.  It is unconscionable that politicians in Washington, DC are using these benefits as political bargaining chips.   

At the same time, I voted to pass a bill that would reduce federal government spending while ensuring that we do not default on our debt.   

Here’s the bottom line: I believe the American people have had enough of politicians playing political games and using scare tactics when their livelihood is on the line. 

I will continue to be a champion for Iowa’s retirees relying on Medicare, a champion for seniors receiving Social Security, a champion for our military men and women, a champion for our veterans, and a champion for all Iowans.