May 19, 2023 | Blog Posts

Bill Alert: Lower costs, better rural health care

Bill Alert: Lower costs, better rural health care

I helped introduce a bill this week that will mean lower health care costs and better care in rural areas of Iowa. I want to make sure you hear about it: 

The Protect Telehealth Access for Rural Americans will make telehealth services permanently covered under Medicare. This means many Medicare-eligible Iowans in rural areas won’t have to travel to access quality physicians and health care.

Technology has revolutionized health care, and it’s time for government to catch up. Specifically, this bill improves access to health care and lowers costs by: 

  • Allowing patients to be treated at home
  • Allowing rural health clinics and federally qualified health centers to provide telehealth services 
  • Expanding coverage of audio-only services for certain conditions, which is critical in areas where internet speeds are still subpar.

By supporting innovative healthcare technology, we can strengthen rural hospitals and rural communities.