Jun 3, 2023 | Blog Posts

[Week in Review] From the Debt Ceiling to Veteran Mental Health | May 26 – June 2

As your congressman, I have worked every day to make sure our government is responsive to your concerns. I’ve heard you, and I agree that our country must get spending under control while protecting critical programs like Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits. 

That’s why I voted in favor of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which will help accomplish this mission by reducing the debt by $1.5 trillion, including: 

  • Cutting $29 billion in unspent COVID dollars.
  • Ending excessive red tape that is costly to Iowa taxpayers and prevents important infrastructure projects from moving forward.
  • Restarting student loan payments so Iowa’s taxpayers are not on the hook for other’s debts.
  • Ending the unnecessary expansion of the IRS that will make tax season harder for Iowa’s low- and middle-income families.

This will be the largest deficit reduction bill in history and will also fully protect Medicare, Social Security, and veteran’s benefits.

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