Jun 7, 2023 | Blog Posts

Protecting your retirement savings

We just passed a new bill to crack down on crimes targeting retirement savings, and I want to make sure you know about it.  

I am proud to have passed the Senior Security Act, which will help bring perpetrators of this kind of fraud to justice.  This bipartisan bill will help prevent fraudulent exploitation of Iowa’s retirees by:  

  • Creating a Senior Investor Taskforce at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that will investigate current fraud schemes and stay one step ahead on the new plots being developed — like robocalls with voice spoofing and AI-generated fraudulent videos. 

  • Reporting the new developments to Congress so we can pass additional legislation that will crack down on these schemes before the damage is done. 

Ensuring Iowans’ life savings are protected isn’t a matter of left vs. right.  It’s a matter of right vs. wrong.  That’s why I’ll keep working in bipartisan fashion to prevent fraud targeting Iowa’s retirees.