Jun 18, 2023 | Blog Posts

[Week in Review] Empowering Accountability and Economic Freedom | June 12 – June 16

Regulations proposed by our federal government should face the strictest scrutiny to ensure they don’t harm Iowans’ ability to make a living, produce goods, and live the American Dream. That’s why one of the first bills I helped introduce in Congress was the REINS Act, and this week that bill passed the House of Representatives. Our bill will: 

  • Reassert Congress’s legislative authority to prevent excessive overreach by the executive branch.
  • Require every new rule proposed by federal agencies that would cost $100 million or more to be approved by both the House and Senate before going into effect.
  • Require every new rule that would result in a major increase in costs for consumers to receive Congressional approval also.

Last year alone, the cost of proposed regulations by the Administration was ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Our federal agencies should be accountable to taxpayers, and that’s exactly what this bill will do.

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