Jun 29, 2023 | Blog Posts

Hope to see you again in Monroe County!

We’ve had a great week working across our community, including spending time in Monroe County.

While in Albia, I visited with retirees and the staff of Brees Rest Home. I will never stop fighting for aging Iowans to have caring environments and the support they need. During my visit today, we discussed protecting Social Security and Medicare, as well as how we can work together to strengthen care.

Hope to see you again in Monroe County!

Social Security and Medicare are vital programs for our retirees. As your Congressman, I will fight with everything I’ve got to defend these critical programs.

I also spent time visiting with veterans today in Ottumwa. America’s veterans put it all on the line for our country and are also deserving of the best care we can offer. In Congress, I’m fighting to improve healthcare for veterans, strengthen mental health resources, improve support for families, and more.