Jul 2, 2023 | Blog Posts

[Week in Review] Legislative Advocacy, Veteran Support, and Elder Care | June 26 – June 30

One of the things that motivates me most as your representative is hearing your stories and experiences so I can help turn those experiences into policy in Washington, D.C. That’s exactly what I spent the week doing. 

This past week, based on feedback from our Farm Bill listening tour, I introduced key legislation to protect our agriculture industry from cyberattacks. I also visited with retirees at Brees Rest Home to discuss protecting Social Security and Medicare, and I met with veterans in Ottumwa on ways to improve the Department of Veterans Affairs.  

Agriculture is one of the top ten industries targeted by cybercriminals and just one cyberattack could cripple our food supply. 

I worked with Iowa State University to develop the Cybersecurity in Agriculture Act that would: 

  • Create a national cybersecurity network to identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities within the food and agriculture industry
  • Establish five regional agriculture cybersecurity centers at our nation’s leading agriculture education institutions

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