Jul 10, 2023 | Blog Posts

Are we at risk of an attack?

Just one cyberattack could cripple our food supply, a hospital, or a school. When these attacks happen, they can jeopardize jobs, make people sick, and increase costs for families. 

We’ve seen attacks in Iowa that have targeted a food processing facility in Ottumwa, a grain cooperative in Fort Dodge, and even the public schools in Des Moines. These attacks halted operations, leaving students out of school for days and putting our food supply at risk. 

When I was working on the White House’s National Security Council, I witnessed firsthand how important it is to prioritize cybersecurity. In Congress, I’m working to protect Americans from future attacks: 

  • Keeping students in school by preventing and preparing for attacks with the bipartisan Enhancing K-12 Cybersecurity Act
  • Convening some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity to discuss new solutions for bolstering cybersecurity defenses 
  • Ensuring our rural water systems are safe from bad actors with the bipartisan Cybersecurity for Rural Water Systems Act
  • Increasing collaboration within the federal government and intelligence agencies to combat cyberterrorism with the Financial Technology Protection Act 
  • Protecting our nation’s food supply against foreign adversaries with the bipartisan Cybersecurity in Agriculture Act

Bottom line: we’re vulnerable to attacks from our foreign adversaries and cybercriminals. I’m fighting to protect our families, businesses, schools, and communities.