Jul 11, 2023 | Blog Posts

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

When the government created Social Security and Medicare, it made a commitment to Americans that absolutely must be upheld. I will always fight to protect these promises made to seniors.

Depriving those who have paid in their entire life from the benefits they have earned is not an option. I am 100% opposed to cutting Social Security and Medicare.

For example, my bill—the Protecting American Benefits Act—will ensure Social Security, Medicare, and VA benefits are protected no matter what debt negotiations are happening in Washington, D.C. 

I am appalled by politicians in both parties that are clinging to an unsustainable status quo because they do not have the courage to secure America’s health and retirement security programs for future generations. Current and future retirees deserve better than empty promises.

Deteriorating financial conditions are leaving these programs vulnerable to cuts. The most recent report from the Social Security and Medicare Trustees indicates that the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will be insolvent by 2028 and that Social Security will be insolvent by 2035. Neither of these outcomes are acceptable. 

Bottom line: you worked hard, paid into these programs for years, and planned futures around them. I will do everything in my power to ensure the future solvency of Social Security and Medicare.