Jul 14, 2023 | Blog Posts

A Major Win For Military Parents!

I have major news for military parents! 

My bipartisan bill to expand parental leave for service members just passed the U.S. House of Representatives as part of the National Defense Authorization Act:

I have major news for military parents!

As a father and an Air Force Reservist, I know our military parents need more support: 

  • With this bill, members of the drilling Reserve and National Guard will receive the same parental leave as their active duty counterparts.   

  • This is a big win that will help more parents continue to serve in the Reserve and National Guard! 

Learn more about this bill here ? 

Bottom line: any member of our Armed Forces that chooses to serve our country deserves time to spend with their new children. Now, I’m fighting to get this bill passed by the Senate soon and signed into law to support these dedicated military members and parents!