Jul 15, 2023 | Blog Posts

Are you saving for retirement?

Are you saving for retirement? Putting more away for retirement has undoubtedly gotten harder for many Iowans because of high inflation. I’m fighting daily to combat inflation, lower costs, and make life more affordable. 

But did you know there’s another factor making it harder to save for retirement these days? Conflicts of interest by financial managers are reducing returns for investment accounts by as much as 14%!

Just as Iowans are being responsible and working hard to save, it’s my job in Congress to make sure political agendas and biases are not diminishing your investments. 

Check out my exchange at this week’s Financial Services hearing to address this exact issue ⬇️

Go further Imagine this scenario: right now, an Iowa farmer who grows corn – whose livelihood is to produce ethanol for the country – is unknowingly fueling their own demise by giving their hard-earned 401(k) investments to an investment advisor that is blindly following advice by consulting companies being paid by competing energy sources. 

It’s a double whammy because they’re undermining their own industry and these investment decisions are also causing them to lose out on higher returns because of the lower market performance of these politically motivated investment strategies. 

Bottom line: political agendas are now far too often driving investment decisions, even when they are not in the best interest of the investor. This is wrong and must be stopped. I’m fighting to do exactly that.