Jul 20, 2023 | Blog Posts

Your flight is delayed…again. Let’s fix this.

Air travel is often downright frustrating. From delayed and cancelled flights to poor customer service, it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. 

The internet is chock full of articles on how to “hack” air travel to make it easier, but let’s be honest: it just shouldn’t be this hard to begin with. So, let’s fix it. 

HUGE NEWS → We just passed critical legislation to make flying a whole lot easier!

Your flight is delayed...again.  Let’s fix this.


The Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act aims to fix many of the problems with air travel that frequently lead to frustrated travelers: 

  • Ensuring more flights are on time by investing in staff recruitment 
  • Increasing on-time arrivals and departures by improving airport infrastructure 
  • Strengthening safety by utilizing new technology 
  • Improving the passenger experience, including for individuals with disabilities 
  • And more! 

As your representative in Congress, I’ll keep fighting to prevent cancellations, improving on-time departures, and make the flying experience all-around more enjoyable!