Jul 21, 2023 | Blog Posts

Thank you, Page County!

We’ve had a great week working across our community, including spending time in Page County. 

While in Shenandoah, I hosted a Farm Bill Listening Session at the Green Plains Ethanol Plant. Nearly every other row of corn grown in Iowa is used to create biofuels, so it’s important to include both farmers and biofuel producers in discussions around the upcoming Farm Bill.

Page county

Our world is sustained by the hands, hearts, and extremely hard work of Iowa’s farmers. As we craft the all-important, once every in a five-year Farm Bill, I am fighting to ensure every Iowa farmer has the resources to produce the food and fuel that keeps our world going. 

Hearing from our neighbors is one of my favorite parts of being your congressman. I also spent time today visiting with:

  • Cass County community leaders to discuss their investment in early education for students in Griswold 
  • Innovators that are using 3D printing and modern technology to improve housing in Montgomery County 
  • A family-owned fish farm supporting tourism and agriculture in Taylor County