Aug 3, 2023 | Blog Posts

Military Families Deserve Our Help

As a father and a member of our military, I know serving in the military can be especially difficult on families. The risks and uncertainty associated with military service makes it hard to raise a family. There’s a lot we can’t change about the nature of military service. We must do everything in our power – big and small – to make military life easier on families. That’s why I’m fighting for the Health Care Fairness for Families Act

Rep. Nunn with his young family

The problem: While current law allows dependents remain on their parents’ health care plans until age 26, military dependents are only allowed to remain on their parents’ plans until 21. Roughly 9.6 million active duty and retired service members use the Department of Defense’s health care or TRICARE. 

HealthCare Fairness for Families Act

The solution: I’ve cosponsored the Health Care Fairness for Families Act to change this. This bill will bring parity for families on TRICARE and ensure dependents can remain on their parents’ healthcare until age 26. 

Bottom line: making this one change will bring fairness to our health care system and make it just a little easier for the families who are serving our nation. 

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