Aug 8, 2023 | Blog Posts

? BILL ALERT: Helping young farmers

Only 15% of all farmers in the United States are younger than 55 years old.  As we consider the upcoming Farm Bill, I believe we must prepare for the future and carefully consider the best way to support new and beginning farmers as they purchase farmland to start their own businesses. 

Rep. Nunn at press conference

That’s why I just introduced the bipartisan Next Generation of Farmers Act to expand opportunities for loans from the USDA Direct Farm Ownership Loan program. Feeding and fueling the world is done because of the hands, hearts, and hard work of Iowa’s farmers. Young Americans who are willing to do the essential work we need should be commended and supported.

Next Generation of Farmers Graphic

My promise: As we negotiate the Farm Bill, I’ll continue to fight to ensure farmers have the tools they need to continue Iowa’s tradition of agriculture.