Sep 21, 2023 | Blog Posts

Government Shutdown? Here’s What We Know:

We have just 9 days remaining until a U.S. Government shutdown due to a lack of funding. This is no time to take a break, so while some may bolt town before the weekend, I’m staying here to work on passing a fiscally responsible solution that cuts wasteful spending while protecting the critical programs Iowans rely on. 



The bickering from my attention-seeking colleagues in Washington, D.C. is about to lead to very real consequences for Iowans.  For example: 

  • Head Start programs, which are federally funded, will close leaving many low-income families without childcare options. 

  • Our country’s men and women in uniform will stop receiving paychecks but will still be expected to show up to work to protect our national security. 

  • Farmers, who are headed into their fields for the long days and nights of harvest, will have critical support cut off during this important season. 

  • Travelers will see delays obtaining passports, getting through TSA checkpoints, and taking off at airports. 

I came to D.C. to work for you and bring commonsense Iowa values to the Capitol. You won’t see me making a scene on TV because I’m 100% focused on actually getting the job done for Iowans. I’ll keep you updated on our fight!