Sep 26, 2023 | Blog Posts

Making Russia Pay

With a government shutdown looming, I’m doing everything I can to ensure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly.  Here’s just one example ⬇️

U.S. taxpayers have already sent nearly $135 billion to support the Ukrainian people, which is more than enough to give $3,000 to every Ukrainian citizen. While I believe that Russia must be stopped and punished, with American families hurting, sending even more money to Ukraine to help them rebuild their economy is not a good use of our tax dollars. 

That’s why I just introduced the bipartisan Protect Taxpayers and Defeat Russia Act to advocate that frozen Russian funds – rather than U.S. taxpayer dollars – be used to fund the reconstruction of Ukraine.  

Putin and his oppressive regime are solely responsible for the murderous destruction in Ukraine. Actions have consequences so they alone should be responsible for the costs of their unprovoked war.  

New Bill


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  • In February 2022, the United States government, along with Japan and the European Union, froze more than $300 billion in assets in the Russian Central Bank.  

  • These funds have sat unused since then.   

  • At the same time, the Administration just requested an additional $24 billion for Ukraine.   

Bottomline: Russia is a serious threat, but tapping into the already frozen Russian assets is far more responsible than continuing to milk American taxpayers.