Sep 29, 2023 | Blog Posts

DC Needs To Play By The Same Rules

During a government shutdown, federal employees that are deemed “essential” won’t receive their paychecks while still being expected to show up for work, including military on the front lines and law enforcement officers on our border. The one exception to that rule are the very people who are the cause of the shutdown – Members of Congress. 

I do not believe it is appropriate for Members of Congress to receive pay during a government shutdown, which is why today, I instructed the House of Representatives to withhold my pay during the government shutdown. 

In case you missed it, I’ve also been leading several efforts to prevent politicians from hurting our national security or profiting during a government shutdown: 

  • I’m championing the Pay Our Troops Act to ensure that, despite a shutdown, members of the Armed Forces receive their paychecks on time as they protect our nation. 

  • I introduced the No Work, No Pay Act to fine Members of Congress for one day’s pay each day that the government is shutdown, and I’m also supporting a Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit Members of Congress from getting paid during a shutdown. 

  • I also introduced the People Before Politics Act to prohibit Members of Congress from fundraising for their re-election during a shutdown. Representatives need to be focused on serving the American people, not themselves. 

Bottomline: I believe we have a responsibility to the American people to work together to resolve our differences, responsibly cut wasteful spending, and protect the critical programs that Americans rely on. Until we can complete our work, no paychecks should be sent out to Members of Congress.