Oct 4, 2023 | Blog Posts

TikTok is being used by the cartels to recruit our kids

The cartels have control of our Southern border, and they’re using social media platforms to recruit help. They’re using TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram to recruit American smugglers. We have to put a stop to this now. 

Here’s one example of a Snapchat message gathered by police in Arizona:  

“LMK DRIVERS. We provide the car and gas money. Pay: $1500-$2500. SWIPE UP.” 

These are the kinds of messages our kids are seeing. They’re being lured into working for the cartels to earn some quick cash.  

That’s why, as part of a broader effort to secure the border, I’m working to cut off the cartel’s recruitment tool: 


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Bottom line: we must act now to secure our Southern border and protect our kids.