Oct 10, 2023 | Blog Posts

Unwavering in our support

Over the weekend, Iran-backed Hamas launched a barbaric attack against our strongest ally, Israel.More than 800 Israelis have been murdered. They’ve kidnapped hundreds more. Just today, we learned that at least 11 Americans have been murdered during this unprovoked slaughter and act of terrorism.

Rep. Nunn

How I’m taking action⬇️

I’m leading a bipartisan resolution with my fellow veteran Rep. Don Davis to hold Hamas accountable and support additional security assistance to Israel. This resolution has been cosponsored by more than two dozen bipartisan members of the House of Representatives.  

Bottom line: Congress must be unwavering in our support of Israel’s right to defend herself, including through immediate intelligence, diplomatic, and military support from the United States.  We must not abandon our strongest ally in the Middle East during her moment of need.