Dec 6, 2023 | Blog Posts

In Loving Memory of Adam

As a twenty-year combat veteran, I’m passionate about ensuring every veteran has the support they need to transition from their tour of duty to civilian life. I’m excited to share a critical update on my bipartisan legislation to reduce the number of veterans we lose each year to suicide. 

Just today my Daniel J. Harvey and Adam Lambert Improving Servicemember Transition to Reduce Veteran Suicide Act passed the House Veterans Affairs Committee. 




A Little More Background ➡️ Adam was a proud Marine from Adel who died by suicide less than a year after leaving the service. I met his parents, Dean and Jill, during one of my tours of our community. They shared Adam’s story with me and have been tireless advocates for efforts to reduce veteran suicide.  

I’m proud to see this bill move forward. Next stop: the House Floor!