Dec 7, 2023 | Blog Posts

New Bill Alert: Preventing Terror Attacks

With the development of new technologies, it’s become easier for terrorists to disguise their true location to evade sanctions and mask their sources of funding. Access to this funding is critical to their efforts, so if we can cut off their funds, we can stop attacks before they occur. 

That’s why today I introduced the bipartisan STIFLE Act. My bill will prevent terrorist groups from disguising their digital location to circumvent laws designed to prevent money from funding terrorism.




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  • Many financial technology platforms use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which is outdated and easily exploitable technology. 
  • Other location identifying technology—such as GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections—provide a far more accurate view of an individual’s location than IP addresses.   
  • By relying on the outdated technology, terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and others can use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to hide their locations for the purpose of evading geographic sanctions.    

My bill would fix this problem to prevent money laundering and stop funding from flowing to terrorists.