Dec 27, 2023 | Blog Posts

Year In Review: Fighting for Iowa Retirees

2023 was a big year fighting hard for Iowa’s retirees! 
When the government created Medicare and Social Security, it made a commitment to Americans that must be fulfilled.  I am 100% committed to protecting these critical programs. 
That’s why I’ve introduced legislation to protect Medicare and Social Security while preventing Congress from using Iowan’s retirement savings as a partisan bargaining chip.    

EOY Retirees

I’ll keep fighting to defend Medicare and Social Security while making it easier for Iowans to retire by: 

  • Leading legislation to expand Medicare and Social Security coverage, prevent cuts, and stop delays 
  • Cracking down on fraud targeting seniors by passing legislation to bring perpetrators to justice 
  • Maximizing retirement savings by introducing legislation to ensure returns are prioritized 
  • Strengthening Medicare by leading on legislation to expand coverage for cancer screenings. 
  • Expanding access to Medicare by supporting legislation to improve rural health coverage.  
  • Decreasing costs for prescription drugs by supporting bipartisan legislation to prevent price gouging. 
  • Ensuring access to care in rural areas by supporting legislation to improve rural broadband and support community hospitals.   
  • Improving timely access to care by introducing legislation to fix the nationwide nursing shortage. 
  • Making healthcare more affordable by championing legislation to expand the kinds of care paid for by Medicare.