Jan 12, 2024 | Blog Posts

New Bill Alert: Protecting Your Data

Technological advancement is good for society, and if done right, can make the government more effective. As the federal government implements new technology, though, we must ensure that Americans’ data is safe and the government is transparent about what it is doing.

That’s why I just introduced the Federal Intelligence Risk Management Act to ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect the American people while leveraging the full capabilities of new technology

ZN New AI Bill

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  • Breakthroughs in AI are making lives easier and leading to new developments that will grow the economy.
  • The federal government can implement AI to improve efficiency, productivity, and security. In turn, these developments can save American taxpayers money.
  • As always, though, we must ensure that with this new technology we’re prioritizing data privacy and the protection of personal information.
  • That’s exactly what this bill will do, while also ensuring maximum transparency for the American people.