Jan 24, 2024 | Blog Posts

Let’s permanently end the death tax!

After losing a family member, the last thing a person needs is the government reaching into their pockets. That’s why I cosponsored bipartisan legislation to protect Iowa’s families, farmers, and small businesses by permanently ending the death tax! 

Death Tax Landscape

Go deeper ➡️ Right now, as a grieving family deals with the transfer of a farm or business, they’re required to pay a double tax on the assets, known as “The Death Tax.” That’s flat out wrong: 

  • Requiring grieving families to pay a death tax on their deceased loved one’s earnings is illogical.  

  • To pay this financial burden, families are often forced to sell their farms and businesses. 

The Death Tax Repeal Act will repeal this unjust tax and provide necessary relief to grieving families, farmers, and small-business owners.