Mar 19, 2024 | Blog Posts

Big brother is watching

Right now, the Chinese Communist Party is developing new technology to manipulate Americans and infiltrate our national security. If America doesn’t act now, we’ll be handing China backdoor access to steal your Social Security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, bank information, and more. Plus, it’ll jeopardize critical national security information.  

What’s the new technology? ➡️ China is investing heavily in blockchain technology, a developing cloud storage technology. This technology is the future of data storage with worldwide adoption expected in the next decade. 

Let me be clear: Failure to act could lead to an unmitigated disaster 1,000 times worse than China’s ownership and influence of TikTok.  


My bipartisan bill would make sure this doesn’t happen. The CLARITY Act will ban the U.S. government from using this technology developed by China and urgently establish a plan to fight back against this attempted espionage. 

Bottom line: We have the opportunity to stop this crisis before it’s too late. We can and must act now. My bill will protect your private information and enhance our national security.