Mar 23, 2024 | Blog Posts

🚨 New Bill Alert: Protecting Against Scammers

Technological advancement, like artificial intelligence (AI), moves our society forward, but there’s also the risk that our adversaries will leverage it to perpetrate crimes that hurt Americans.  

ai plan

Today, I introduced the bipartisan AI PLAN Act to develop a strategy to strengthen American defenses against AI-generated misinformation.  

Go further ➡️ Here are a few examples of how criminals have used AI to mislead people: 

  • Last spring, scammers used AI to create fake images of an explosion at the Pentagon, which sent ripples across the country and even disrupted the stock market.  

  • A mom in Arizona received a fake kidnapping scam call using an AI voice clone of her daughter. As a dad of 6, I can only imagine how afraid she felt hearing the AI version of her daughter’s voice on the line! 

Bottom Line: We must develop a strategy to proactively combat the threats, dangers, and scams posed by AI. This commonsense bill is a critical step in the right direction to help keep us safe and promote American innovation.