Apr 16, 2024 | Blog Posts

We need to pass a Farm Bill NOW.

The hands, hearts, and hard work of Iowa farmers feed and fuel the world. Every Iowan is impacted by the Farm Bill and agriculture policy – whether it’s as part of the supply chain, in the grocery store checkout line, or at the dinner table.

Unfortunately, input costs are up, and inflation is driving profits down. It was reported earlier this year that Iowa pork producers are experiencing their worst losses in 25 years. Producers are facing enough difficulties without worrying about D.C. hurting their business. They deserve far better than to be saddled with the consequences of politicians not doing their job.

That’s why we must pass a bipartisan Farm Bill as soon as possible – to give Iowa’s farmers the certainty they deserve. As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, I’m fighting for Iowa’s farmers, ranchers, and producers as we craft the Farm Bill. Here are some of my priorities as we negotiate this critical bill:

  • Bolstering commodity programs and strengthening crop insurance that are critical for Iowa’s farmers
  • Increasing access to credit, grants, and loans to improve infrastructure for rural communities
  • Expanding cybersecurity resources for agribusinesses and prohibiting our adversaries from purchasing farmland here in Iowa
  • Supporting disaster recovery and flood mitigation while applying Iowa commonsense to efforts to protect our natural lands
  • Securing energy independence by expanding access to biofuels and locking in year-round E15

We only get one chance to improve programs for the next five years, so I want to make sure we do it right. Can you take just a few minutes to let me know what matters most to you in this Farm Bill?