Apr 17, 2024 | Blog Posts

A Homegrown Energy Solution

Since day one, I’ve fought for farmers, families, and our economy to ensure E15 is available year-round. Unfortunately, this Administration has repeatedly put America’s producers and families behind as they stubbornly opposed E15. 

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) delayed year-round sales of E15 until 2025. Iowa families and producers can’t afford to wait for year-round E15. 

That’s why today, I introduced the Year-Round E15 Act to allow the 8 states that will have year-round E15 in 2025 to have it this year too. Let me be clear – this bill wouldn’t be necessary if the Administration had just done the right thing to begin with, but this legislation is necessary to provide certainty for farmers, producers, and families who benefit from less expensive fuel. 

Biofuels support 57,000 jobs in Iowa, reduce prices at the pump, and decrease greenhouse emissions by roughly 50%. As the top biofuel producing state in the country, it’s no secret that biofuels are good for families, good for the environment, and good for Iowa.  This is just the latest step in my effort to support Iowa’s biofuel producers:  

  • Pushing for permanent, year-round E15 sales as a member of the Agriculture Committee by demanding updates from the Department of Agriculture and the EPA   
  • Supporting biofuel innovation by introducing the Ag BIO Act to support cutting back red tape for Iowa’s producers to allow them to adjust their operations   
  • Bolstering research into sustainable aviation fuel by championing the Biojet Fuel Research Act   

I won’t stop fighting for Iowa farmers, producers, and families on this issue!