May 14, 2024 | Blog Posts

The border is costing us.

The situation at the Southern Border is impacting Iowans more than 1,000 miles away thanks to the influx of illicit drugs, like fentanyl, that are making it to every corner of our country.

Here’s a real-life example straight from our community: Earlier this year, the Des Moines Police Department seized 30,000 pills (the largest bust in department history!) that were traveling from the Southern Border right into our community.

During my time in Congress, I’ve led the fight to secure our border, including:

  • Preventing illegal immigration by passing the Secure the Border Act
  • Leading multiple bills to combat fentanyl trafficking and use in our communities
  • Prohibiting the abuse of taxpayer funds by passing Protecting Our Communities from Failure to Secure the Border Act

This week, I’m fighting to protect taxpayer resources and law enforcement from taking the brunt of this Administration’s failed policies.

I’m going to continue working to secure the Southern Border, and you can sign up here for important updates: