Jun 3, 2024 | Blog Posts

Cosponsor Alert: Protecting American Agriculture  

Food security is national security. China is doing everything they can to threaten our food supply: buying up American farmland, making us reliant on their exports, and holding the supply chain hostage.  

We’ve made major progress in stopping China from purchasing our farms, but we need to do more to protect the supply chain. Right now, China controls more than 90% of the production of many essential vitamins used in animal feed. The loss of access to these critical nutrients would result in significant impacts on animal health, productivity, and the costs of production. 

We must act fast. That’s why I cosponsored the bipartisan Securing American Agriculture Act which will protect American food production and ensure that Iowa farmers have the tools they need to feed and fuel the world.  

This bipartisan bill will help us put food on the table for every Iowa family and bolster our national security. I won’t stop fighting until we can ensure food security for today and the future.