Jun 24, 2024 | Blog Posts

If there’s one thing I know as a dad…

As a dad to six kids, nothing is more important to me than keeping them safe. I’ve made it my mission to protect our communities from drugs and crime.

This week, I was honored to receive the Legislative Hero Award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for my work to make our communities safer.

Keeping our community safe takes a lot of work, but I’ve partnered with local police and sheriff departments to support their critical work:

  • Protecting our communities by passing legislation to secure the Southern Border.
  • Fighting the drug epidemic by passing legislation making penalties for illegal fentanyl possession and sales harsher.
  • Combatting violent crime by supporting legislation to increase community safety and improve our immigration system.
  • Overturning soft-on crime policies by passing legislation to back the blue.
  • Protecting children online by championing bipartisan legislation to catch predators and stop abuse.

Bottom Line: I’ll keep fighting to protect our hometowns.