Jun 26, 2024 | Blog Posts

Terrorists getting American tax dollars???

As a member of the Air Force, I flew in combat missions in the Middle East, fighting terrorists and working to defend America’s security. Then, the Administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan killed 13 American servicemembers, including Red Oak native Cpl. Daegan Page, and abandoned hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines.  This catastrophic, deadly mission happened in August 2021 and even today, there are Americans stranded in Afghanistan, living at risk of Taliban brutality every day.

I just voted for legislation to prevent our tax dollars from supporting the terrorists in the Taliban who are responsible for killing Cpl. Page and 12 others. The families of these men and women deserve answers, but they also deserve the unwavering support of their country.

Bottom Line: I’ll continue to demand answers for the deadly Afghanistan withdrawal and hold those responsible accountable for this failure.