Jul 10, 2024 | Blog Posts

🚨 KEY VOTE ALERT: Securing American Elections 🚨

Let me be very clear: American elections should be for American citizens only.

In the past four years, this Administration’s open border policies have allowed nearly 8 million illegal immigrants to cross our Southern Border. With nearly 2 million known “gotaways” who evaded border patrol, we need to secure our elections now.

In some states across the U.S., illegal aliens are eligible for driver’s licenses, state issued ID cards, and other benefits. Even more concerning – some municipalities have changed their laws to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. This only creates more opportunities for illegal immigrants to cast their votes in our nation’s elections.

I just voted to protect the integrity of our elections by requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote and requiring states to clean up their voter registration rolls.

This is a simple, straightforward solution to ensure only American citizens vote in American elections.